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Auto Cheater by Random667  


"This program allows you to assign hotkeys for any commands or cheat codes that you find yourself entering too often.
Upon execution this program will launch the Sims 3 for you, and set your F1 - F11 keys to act as hotkeys that will automatically enter your chosen commands into the games console."

TS3 Identity Generator by 999z  


"Generate a full name and possible occupation based on gender, nameset and country. I see some people are getting confused on what this does; but, it's just a random name generator to give you ideas and it doesn't replace in-game names."

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TS3 Install Helper Monkey by Delphy  


"This tool will automagically set up your game so you can use custom content .package files for The Sims 3. Once set up, you can just double-click the files to put them where they need to go. No need to mess with Resource.cfg yourself or create any folders - just run the program, and from then on, you can just double-click the files."

TS3 Unpacker by Echo  


"This is a fairly simple tool to extract the contents of a sims3pack exported file. Simply choose the sims3pack file when prompted, then select the file to extract and click the “Export Selected” button on the bottom left."

3Viewer by jfade  


"The 3Viewer aims to be a Sims3Pack Installer, Editor, and overall Download Manager all without using the Launcher provided by EA. Think of it as the Sims 3 version of the Clean Installer with additional content management capabilities."

The Compressorizer Redux by jfade  


"The Compressorizer Redux! will compress DBPF package files to save hard drive space."

This program also un-corrupts .Sims3Packs from the EA Store, allowing them to work.

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Delphy's Acronym Bending Original Output Barber Shop (aka DABOOBS)  
"This program allows you to create non-replacement custom hair meshes for The Sims 3. It generates entirely new hair packages that can be placed in game, and contains all possible linkages and correct file assignments - no "minimum effort" involved here!"
The Sims 3 Mod Generator  
"This tool allows customizing THOUSANDS of game parameters and generates a package file to be used as a "mod". (No XML editing required)"
CAS Texture Unitool [BETA] by Delphy  


"The CAS Texture Unitool (hereafter referred to as CTU), is a tool to basically allow you to edit the CAS Part files that control which textures appear on which meshes. Using this tool, you may add new textures that appear in CAS for a specific mesh. You may also edit the pattern cutouts for those textures, the specular, the base colours, and pretty much everything possible thats available in the file."

Delphy's Pattern Packager by Delphy  


"The Pattern Packager program allows you to add new Patterns (aka items that appear in Create a Style) to your Sims 3 game. Each Pattern can have up to 4 recolourable "palettes", which are defined on the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels of the source image."

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