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Name: Hot Topic Black/Silver Pinstripe Vest
Category: Body Shop --> Clothing --> Female --> Teen, Young Adult, Adult --> Everyday, Formal
About: This is a top inspired by the "Black and Silver Pinstripe Vest" from Hot Topic. The reference picture can be found below.

The top uses a base game mesh, so there shouldn't be any problems with it. The material and the stripes are recolorable, but seems the vest looks best in dark colors and the stripes in light colors.

Disclaimer: Wings not included
Terms of Use: Do not redistribute or claim as your own.

Do not share my work, in part or in whole, as part of a pay package or on any pay site EVER unless you have my express written permission beforehand.
Based on this vest:
Download: The Sims Emporium (.package)
Teen version: The Sims Emporium (.package)


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