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Name: 10 Years Gone: Art for the Decade
Category: Buy Mode --> Decor --> Wall Hangings
About: EA teamed-up with Society6 to curate 10 artists from around the world who each created an original artwork to commemorate the first 10 years of The Sims! For a limited time, you can collect each one of these exclusive artworks as a variety of products. Check it out here.

For a not-so-limited time, you can also celebrate 10 years of Sims with, you guessed it, your Sims! Now your Sims can enjoy these paintings by the artists of society6 in their homes as well.

These paintings use base-game meshes, so everyone should be able to use them without issues.

For more information on the art or the artists, or to have this art on your walls (or shirts or laptops or iPods) in real life, check out society6's site. >

Credits: The artists of society6
Terms of Use: Do not redistribute or claim as your own.

Do not share my work, in part or in whole, as part of a pay package or on any pay site EVER unless you have my express written permission beforehand.
Download: The Sims Emporium (.package)

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