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Name: Priya's Painting
Category: Buy Mode --> Decor --> Wall Hangings
About: "Hero Piece" by Brooke Reidt was commissioned for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse episode "Belonging" to act as Priya Tsetsang's meaningful original painting.
Credits: Mesh used by Desdren
Terms of Use: Do not redistribute or claim as your own.

Do not share my work, in part or in whole, as part of a pay package or on any pay site EVER unless you have my express written permission beforehand.
The height doesn't exactly reflect the true dimensions of the painting from Dollhouse, but I don't do meshing, and Desdren's mesh was the closest I could find. It's still pretty big, as you can see in the ceiling-to-floor-view below.
Download: The Sims Emporium (.package)

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