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Link Repository

Personal Mod Sites
These are smaller sites with varying degrees of content; lots of them listed here

General Sites with Lots of Content

Mod the Sims
A huge collection of mods of every type by various authors. The first place you should look for what you want. Everything is free. Register to download
The Sims Resource
Another huge collection of mods by various authors. A decent percentage of the mods are free. You must register to download.
The Sims 3 Startpage
A directory of Sims 3 sites. Download sites, story sites, fan sites, and more!

Game Help

Reclaim Your Game
A site devoted to the effort for stopping the creeping monster that DRM has become. Check it out to see what the big deal is. Instructions for removing SecuROM from your computer can be found here also.
Snooty Sims Info Center
A great little place to look up those weird things about the game you're curious to know about.
Sims 3 Wiki Gameplay Guides
Offers information on traits, moodlets, recipes, etc...
IGN Game Guide
A mini guide to the game compiled by IGN. A good internet alternative to the Prima guide. Also see their Bug Report here for fixes to well-known game bugs.


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