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This Mod Gallery thing confuses me. What is it and how do I use it?

This section of the site contains links to mods I've personally downloaded and/or find useful or particularly noteworthy for one reason or another. As such, it is a work in progress.

Things you should know about it:

  • Clicking on an image will give the full-sized version (if available)
  • All download links open in a new window
  • You may have to register on the site before you can download
  • You will likely need to read an FAQ on mods to get these working right, especially if you've never experimented with Sims 3 mods before. Go here.
  • If you think that installing Sims 3 mods is just like Sims 2, you're wrong. Go here.
I don't know how to install mods. Can you help me out?
A very good tutorial on installing custom content can be found here.

The download link you gave me isn't working or doesn't seem right. Help?

Possible causes for this:

  • You have to register at most of the sites before you can download their files. Make sure you've done that.
  • If the link is to modthesims, try reloading the page. Sometimes one of the mts servers goes down. Try visiting later.
  • If the link is to the sims resource and is showing up as subscriber-only, I'm sorry. Sometimes the good artists get promoted to "featured artist" on that site, which basically gives them free license selfishly not offer *any* of their files to non-paying members of the site. If you want, google "pmbd" and check for it. Please contact me letting me know which file has become unavailable so I can update or remove the link.
  • If all else fails, contact me and I'll try to sort it out.
I have a question that you haven't answered here or anywhere that I can see.
Feel free to contact me, and I'll reply to you as soon as I can.

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